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Do you save earnings zako? Akiba100 challenge ni campaign mpya targeted towards members wa Shukran SACCO kuwapatia discipline ya kusave kidogo kidogo daily and get a reward kila wiki!

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How Akiba100 Works

Simply deposit at least KES 100 kila siku kwa savings zako and get a reward at the end of the week. In your Shukran Sacco app kuna update itakuwa inakuonyesha streak yako na pia how much ume-earn in rewards!

Save kila siku

Deposit as little as 100 bob daily

Jenga streak

Maintain streak yako every week

Pata rewards

Kula boost! Directly kwa account yako!

Shukran SACCO Champions already saving with Akiba100

We’re here for YOU! Kama ukona any question about this program, let us know na tuta ku-guide through your financial journey.

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Apart from receiving tips on the platform and directly saving it to my SACCO account, the SACCO also provides financial literacy classes that are a step forward into my financial freedom. I would like to encourage my fellow service workers to join Shukran Sacco today. This is a game changer.

Clarence,Sacco Member


Tipping with Shukran is easy and convenient. Plus, when using your mobile money number with Shukran, they ensure your safety by keeping your number private.

Ricky,Owner of Bistro Adreno


The thing about Shukran is you have to ask for somebody’s number but I like the privacy, I don’t want my name and number circulating all over the place